Thursday, March 17, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbors (Part 1)

I live on a cul-de-sac. Our house sits dead-center. My backyard neighbors 6 yards, I can see 14 houses. It's impossible for me to be a hermit.
Though we spend the majority of our time in the backyard, it's the neighbors in the circle we have relationships with. We have nothing in common. Their kids are older than ours. We don't go to their church. They're younger. We camp every weekend. We snowmobile. They have bigger families. I work.

There's no where I'd rather live.

We're friends because we're accepting of our differences. Not tolerant. Tolerant is: I allow you to exist, but I don't agree with you. I'm still right, you're wrong. We agree to disagree.
Acceptance is: I honor our differences. We can't all be the same. I value the perspective you bring to situations because of your uniqueness. You being right doesn't make me wrong.

I'm the first to admit it was a tough paradigm shift. I'm a big lover of being right. I got to unload a lot of stress when I realized we can all be right. Especially when it comes to religion. There is no wrong. Can't be. We all get to be right when it comes to religion.

Why does all this matter? Stick around for Part 2, coming up tomorrow....
(Part 2) 40 acres v. 40 Neighbors


  1. Lovely.
    We weren't tolerant or accepting of our neighbors, we moved. Much happier now! xx

  2. I cannot say I know my neighbors all that well. We are friendly, but rarely see them.

  3. We're blessed to leave on a secluded 11-acre tract in the country. We have three neighbors whose homes/driveways we can see if we walk the 150 feet or so up to the road, but none we can see from our house or yard. When we moved here four years ago, we only had one neighbor to the west. His family owned all the land around here for generations. He was cranky and gruff when we first met him but we've helped each other out so many times now that he's kind of fond of us now. The other two neighbors moved here about a year ago. They each bought land to the east and south of us and moved mobile homes in. We made it a point to ride over and introduce ourselves when they first got here... on horseback ...horses make great ice breakers and conversation starters. LOL

    We have nothing in common with any of these three families ....except the proximity of our driveways. But good neighbors are a way better thing to have than bad neighbors and I think the way to have good neighbors is to BE ONE.

    Looking forward to part 2!

  4. You may be all those things J, but above all else, you're a cool chick! Thats why you all get along!

    I'm an easy person to get alone with but I have one neighbor that HATES me because of the college football team I cheer far as I'm concerned the fences between me and my neighbors can't be tall enough!

    Shhhh! Don't tell anyone!


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