Friday, March 18, 2011

Won't You Be My Neighbor (Part 2)

How important is having (being) good neighbors?

Yesterday, I told you about my neighbors. Thanks for humoring what seemed like a pointless ramble about religion, but I really did have a survival point, too.

Some days I let my thoughts wander to a 40 acre plot high in the mountain somewhere, outfitted with a cabin, mountain stream, and solar power. A secluded place I could be a hermit, write my stories and never have to speak to a soul beyond my family, other than my agent and editor. But the reality of that existence is lonely. Especially on the other side of TEOTWAWKI or a disaster like Japan is currently experiencing.

Even if I can get my food storage stacked to the ceiling, my water bottles filled to capacity, my greenhouse built, I'm missing a lot of pieces critical to my family's survival:

A mechanic
Lumber for my stove
A doctor
A teacher for my little kids
A baker without my yeast issues
A seamstress

All those people don't live in my circle, but I'm making the effort to find out where they do live in my neighborhood, introduce myself, and be a good neighbor now, before I need them. The neighbors who do live next door will become family as I rely on them for help, encouragement, entertainment, and when they need to borrow a cup of sugar.

I got lucky.

With all the survival planning going on in my house of late, I'd seriously consider moving if I had lousy neighbors ~ especially if I thought it was someone who wasn't in to preparation, or willing to help out in an emergency, or big on bunkers and weapons (the kind who thinks the only food storage you need is a .45 and bullets).

I'd like to think everyone's best rises to the top when disaster strikes, but we're not really famous for that in this country...we're better at looting and shooting.

What's your neighborhood like? Do you have good neighbors? Are you a good neighbor?

I hope I am...


  1. Most of my neighbors are elderly which scares me. Let's just say the ambulance drivers know our street well. Definitely not good for any kind of emergency scenario.

  2. *looks around for neighbors lurking on internets*

    We live in a pretty cool neighborhood, everyone is really friendly except they all travel a lot and have a lot more mula at their disposal than we do. If the bleep hits the fan, I think we'd be on our own. Hell, they probably wouldn't even be in the country.


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