Wednesday, March 9, 2011

When is a Shortcut a Bad Idea?

How well do you know your shortcut?
Do you rely on street signs without knowing it? 

I was driving my usual route when it started to snow...then blizzard.

Visibility was less than 10 feet.

Street signs were covered with snow.
Everyone was driving less than 2 miles an hour.

Being the genius navigator I am, I thought I could take a short cut and stay off the main (clogged) roads. What should have taken me a few minutes, and right to my location, took me miles away from my destination, and I didn't even realize I'd taken a wrong turn because nothing looked like it was supposed to.

When street signs and man-made landmarks no longer exist, when the landscape no longer looks like it did yesterday, will you know where you're going?

I have no idea how to work a compass...but I'm about to learn, and find one that fits on my keychain.


  1. New follower from Welcome Wednesday :)


  2. I am officially done with the snow! They are calling for another storm here (small) but still! Following back!

  3. This is clearly why you're the SURVIVAL Mama...cuz I would have frozen to death, stuck out in the frigid weathER! LOL

  4. Thanks for finding me and visiting, following you back :) good luck learning the compass! I should probably do that...I'm lost without the gps!

  5. Sooooo easy to get turned around. I have a floaty ball compass in my car that tells me which way I'm headed. It's saved me a time or two.


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