Wednesday, March 16, 2011


I'm struggling to find anything chipper and upbeat to say today...

My heart continues to break for Japan, and logistics are making it very difficult to get food and supplies to the survivors.

We are 103 hours into the disaster. Five days displaced, relying on a bug-out kit, if they had time to grab them, or what they put in their food storage, if they are sheltering at home.
Countries are donating money, help is coming, but it's a nightmare to get there.

Stuff to think about.


  1. I know how you feel...I started my day and worte a few posts....drank some coffee and then stumbled across a link from a fellow blogger from Japan. It really made me stop and realize how horrifying this is! Prayers are needed.

  2. Very scary indeed. People do not realize that it takes at least a couple of days for a government to get any kind of help in, and then it is just the minimums.

  3. Sadly, that's so often the way - the logistics of getting what they people need to them is the hardest part of all.

  4. I watched a video of the tsunami. As if an earthquake wasn't enough to deal with. And then the nuclear disaster. My heart goes out to everyone there.


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