Friday, March 11, 2011

8.9 Earthquake - What am I Waiting for??

In the aftershocks of Japan's earthquake today, I am done stalling about HAM radio. Too many huge earthquakes, and we sit on a massive fault line here in Utah. 
It only takes 20% usage for the phone system to be overwhelmed. The REGULAR land line phone system.

If the power goes down, my cordless, landline phone won't work.

If the cell phone towers are damaged, my cell won't work (the same 20% rule also applies)

Our house is on the wrong side of a river, power lines, and too many bridges for Rockstar to get here easily or quickly if an earthquake strikes during the work day. We won't be able to communicate. 

There are several portable HAM radios for a couple hundred bucks. has online quizzes and guides for the test. I have a local group here that gets on every Sunday night. I'm not going to wait for the Wasatch Fault to break loose before I decide to do something to fix my gaping communication hole.

I'll keep everyone posted on the type of radio I find, and where to find it.

Prayers for Japan.
(and my bestie, who lives in Okinawa)


  1. Sounds like a plan. Good luck with finding the right radio.


  2. Sounds like a good plan. Too many people wait till it is too late to prepare for disaster.

    Now following from Friendly Friday

  3. Good for you. I must admit that these natural disasters scare the dicken out of me. Luckliy here in Florida, earthquakes are not a major threat. If we get a tsunami though we are toast since there is no where to go.

  4. Well I'm in Arizona, and we rarely get Earthquakes, but its not impossible. Also praying for people in Japan. New follower from the Social Parade and I'd love for you to follow back. Have a great weekend!

    Heather From and Mommy Only Has Two Hands!

  5. It's so scary when you hear news like the news in Japan. Makes you start thinking about what you would do if something happened to you so I understand where you are coming form.

    PS...if it interests you...Five Seconds From Crazy has moved and I'm not calling it Fabulously Flawed. I hope you get a chance to visit!

  6. We should all be ready for disasters... we feel safe enough here in Colorado but the fact is that Yellowstone could blow and we could easily be affected and none of us would be ready. Hopefully you've heard from your friend in Japan by now...

  7. Yes, do keep us posted. I will be curious about that as well. Stay safe.

  8. We're in Utah too. We've been trying to prepare for something like that, but have a long ways to go. Time to change my priorities. Janae


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