Monday, February 21, 2011

Hey! You can't go that way!

When The Best Evacuation Route Is A Detour

I attended a debrief for all the CERT Area Leaders last week, and the Chief of Police talked about evacuation routes and how sometimes the City Leaders will make changes to traffic patterns to aid in their process to get people to safety. Those decisions may hamper your original evacuation route to get out of the danger zone.

Do you have an evacuation route planned?

Do you have an alternate route?

Do you have an alternate to your alternate?

How much gas will it take to get to your bug-out location?

Does your car ALWAYS have that much gas in the tank?

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  5. I have an evacuation route for a fire, if a mass murder breaks in, or if unwanted solicitors show up..but not for anything else. (Can you tell I'm a bit paranoid!?)

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  18. There's only two roads out of my area and one is blocked by a railway crossing, but we do have a boat and could take the river if it came to that.

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  23. I'll be moving soon, so I'll have to come up with new routes. ;)

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