Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Good Weatherman is Only Right 50% of The Time

Weathermen Only Have to Be 50% Right

Photo: Tom Skilling

It seems like a great job: Sometime, over the next day, it's going to snow.

I realize guessing when Mother Nature is going to blow her top is a tricky business, but geez I could use a tighter window.

During our last blizzard, I thought I had plenty of time to get where I needed to go. One quick errand, and then home. (As usual) I'd been pushing my limits with the gas tank, thinking I'd stop and get gas on the way home.

The storm hit early, and I was caught during rush hour, in 8 inches of snow, trying to navigate through snowy streets and scared drivers. What should have taken 10 minutes turned into a 2 hour project. My gas gauge continued to dip, and I barely made it to the gas station.

Major lesson for me. 

I lucked out, and stayed on the roads, even though I was traveling at under 2 miles an hour. If I would have slid off the road and needed to keep the car running to stay warm until help arrived, I'd have been in an escalated situation.

Since blizzards tend to strike before they're scheduled... plan ahead... way ahead.


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  2. Wow, that could be scary. Living in Florida we don't have to deal with that thank goodness.

  3. You can never trust the weather or the weatherman. Stopping in on Tuesday's hop. Happy Tuesday. I'm following.



  4. Great reminder post! Its even worse when you live in country where the nearest gas station could be 50 miles away!

    Love the magnet at zazzle too!

  5. I've done that before. Not in the snow, but I thought I'd have plenty of gas to get up 2 mountains to the beach. Yea... my low gas light came on and I was freaking out. We had just moved to the area, I knew no one and there was no gas stations near. Thankfully (somehow!) I made it back to the gas station. I will never do that again!

    Thanks for linking up to Friendly Wednesday, I'm following you back.


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