Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Area CERT Leaders

Disaster strikes one hour from now.

What do you do?

Who do you call?

Who is your Block Leader? Area Leader?

CERT came about in the 70s after massive wildfires ravaged most of California. When leaders looked back to figure out what they could have done differently, they learned the information never got from the Officials leading the operation to the homeowners.

CERT is about organizing information.

A Block Leader checks on the houses in their assigned territory (usually their side of the street), reports to an Team Leader, who reports to an Area Leader, who reports to the "City" officals handling the emergency. And communications flows back down the same way.

Reach out. Find out who is directing your communication in the event of an emergency.


  1. Sounds like what everyone wants to know when they need to know it, bur nobody thinks to find out beforehand. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. Hi! I finally made it over here! Thanks for visiting my blog and following. I LOVE your header banner.

    We don't have CERT in our area (Atlanta), and to be honest, during an emergency I wouldn't know where to turn. Going to do some research on that! Thanks for raising my awareness :))

  3. Our neighborhood put together a team a few years ago and every year during the block party we have emergency personnel speak to remind us of things. It a great organization.


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