Thursday, January 6, 2011

The New Apprentice

I'm willing to admit yesterday was a bit of a tirade...all talk, no answers.

So, now what?

What would that look like if we all worked together in a collaborative effort toward a collective goal?

I don't have the answer, and please don't go all socialism on me. I'm talking about something way beyond capitalism and entrepreneurship, I'm talking - feed the hungry, figure out Tesla's wireless energy, clean drinking water across the globe, no more sick babies.


This entire conversation started because I wanted to talk about lost skills - apprenticeship, and mentoring. I seem to have found a soapbox somewhere along the way....but maybe it really does start back at the beginning. Maybe that's where we got off track. We started valuing our "stuff" and that meant longer hours, more independent thinking, less collaboration, more animosity, more money.

I don't think we have much to lose by starting back at the beginning, with simple skills, the labor of our heritage. Maybe we'll find what we've been looking for in a home-baked loaf of bread that cost 1000% less than what it does at the grocery store.

Maybe inner peace will come from the sore muscles of building a bee keeping box.


Seriously, what do we have to lose?

Here are a few ideas to get you started. Save Our Skills.

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