Thursday, January 27, 2011

Bundling Mamas for Snowmobiling

Layering for Winter Activities

After yesterday's post about bundling kids for outdoor adventure and snowmobiling, I had a few requests for what my layers look like when we go snowmobiling.

(ok, ok, that's TOTALLY not me)

First, let me start by saying I'm never more than 3 feet from the fireplace, and usually in a sweatshirt, fleece pants, and thick socks (in the Winter, it's MUCH worse). I'm ALWAYS cold. Always. When Rockstar asked me to go snowmobiling with him the first time, I thought he was out of his mind.

Then I had a BLAST! Snowmobiling is the one winter activity I will bundle up for because I love it so much. But, if I ever get cold during a ride, the fun is over in a hurry.

Here's how I layer to stay warm - and most important DRY while we're riding snowmobiles.

Layer #1:
Nylons. I'm not sure why they're such a great insulating layer, but I notice a HUGE difference when I wear them.

Layer #2:
Long Johns. I scored an awesome new pair from Cuddl Duds and tried them last trip and I'm impressed. They're incredibly thin, but very warm. Every penny you spend here will be worth double when you're in the middle of a ride!!

Layer #3:
Snowboard pants. Yes, these are an inner layer because like I said yesterday, there's snowmobile-waterproof, and there's snowboard-waterproof. If you ride sleds in snowboard gear, you will hate your day and will freeze! But, as an inner layer, they're incredibly warm and comfy.

Thin Socks.

Layer #5:
Thick Socks. (I steal Rockstar's)

Layer #6:
Underarmour. There is a specific winter option of the Underarmour that is amazing. Don't wear the summer one, it won't work.

Layer #7:
Long johns. Wearing the Cuddl Duds top layer too. Love them. I probably defeat some of the wicking properties of the fabric, but here's the deal, I'm a girl. I don't sweat like a guy. I need warmth warmth warmth.

Layer #8:
Long sleeve tshirt.

Short sleeve tshirt. Yes, put them on in this order so the sleeves stick out underneath the short sleeve fits better.

I'll get in the truck at this point.

Layer #10:
Sweatshirt. NO hood. I love hoodies, but when I'm sledding they get in the way of my headgear, and collect snow. Not cool.

Layer #11:
KLIM snow pants. These are expensive. And worth every cent. They are SNOWMOBILE waterproof!!! They are the greatest pants EVER. I wear the bibs because I'm a crappy rider, and in the snow a lot - bibs keep snow out of my underwear, which I find can really ruin my day.

Layer #12:
Snowboarding jacket. Any winter jacket will work at this point. I like the snowboard one because it's cute and I can leave a little princess on the outside. I recommend a LONG jacket to keep your butt warm, but if you spring for the KLIM gear it won't matter much.

Layer #13:
Fleece Balaclava
I like this one for a number of reasons. One, it's fuzzy. Two, it's warm and covers my whole head. Three, the children are wearing all my other ones. Mine is also red so they can find my body when I go flinging off the mountain somewhere.

Layer #14 (wow, I really do wear a LOT of crap):
Mittens. Yes, I wear mittens. Because they're WARMER than gloves. Any ski/snowbard mittens will work. If you can find a pair with the visor/goggle wiper it's a major bonus.

Layer #15:
Helmet. I used to have a full-face with a visor, but there was an incident, and now my full-face has goggles. I don't love it. I prefer the options with the visor, and I move the visor around a lot while we ride: little bit open, lot open when we're stopped.

Add sled.
I get to ride a Bad Ass Ski-Doo. I LOVE this sled. It's light, it's responsive, and I don't feel like I'm about to go flinging off the mountain (see layer #13). Rockstar rides a humongous growling Cat something or other, because, well, he's a Rockstar and can handle it. Me, I feel it's like riding a barely trained stallion and I'm about to go flinging off the mountain at any moment.

The Mama Snowmobile creed:
Hang on, Haul ass, don't get ditched.

100% of the credit for the Mama Snowmobile creed goes to The Notorious Rider, Mama Tonya


  1. I have never been on a snowmobile. I wanna go.

  2. I ahve never been on one - seriously it looks amazing! :)

    I ahven't had to layer that in years (I live in FL now) but I remember those days - vividly!

    new follower


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