Thursday, December 9, 2010

Winter Gardening

DIY PVC Cold Storage Greenhouse

I just found this video on YouTube - my favorite method of procrastinating these days. I am so excited about this project!! I could garden all winter! I was so sad when I had to pull up all the tomato plants, and though I left the onions out there, I don't think they're wintering very well (like the books said they would). Not to mention, I'm not a big fan of digging through 8" of snow for an onion.

But the greehouse I'm coveting starts at about $4500...which would cover less than a 1/4 of my garden space.

This little gizmo might be just the ticket. It's made out of PVC and thick plastic. I already have the wooden raised beds I could attach them to, so this is seriously - a weekend job!

...and in case you're wondering...still no Christmas decorations up at our house...

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  1. I would love to put up a green house! PVC pipes wow, great idea.

    Thanks for visiting me today :) I'm your newest follower now. I love the "About Me" very cool!


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