Thursday, December 2, 2010

Where The Hell Did 2010 Go?

I don't think it's possible to sum up how behind I am.

It's December 1 and I don't even have the Christmas decorations down from the rafters. The Christmas cards started arriving last week, and while I did manage to gather us for a family photo, that picture is stuck in the iphoto on the computer.

Last year I managed to put together some super cute calendars together for grandmas, aunties, and dad. Since I'm struggling to get the Christmas card together, I doubt I'm going to find the time for the calendar.

Seriously? Where in the world did this year go???? Where did last week go?

I stumbled over to Shutterfly and checked out this year's collection of cards. I got sucked in. In about three seconds I found fifty I'm totally in love with. Now what? I only have about 45 people on my list. Do I get 5 of each card and send them to random strangers? I don't remember the design section of shutterfly being so easy last year, but it honestly took me longer to write this post than it did to design the cards.

What do you think?


PS...that's not my family... I can't figure out how to save mine over here....

I keep picking out the brown cards - is that Christmas-y??

Ok, off to order them...I hope. Maybe I'll get them sent out before the holidays are over. Maybe if I can get them ordered tonight I'll use all the photos I already uploaded to slap together a few calendars.

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