Monday, December 6, 2010

TEKS Safety Course

I was invited to check out the TEK-S Safety Training Course, and I have to say, I'm pretty impressed.

Tek-s (Training. Education. Knowledge. Service) was founded to address the growing need for personal and practical safety training, based on situational awareness. 

My interpretation of 'situational awareness' is: anytime, everywhere, taking in your surroundings. But then what? What would I do if I became aware of a dangerous situation?

Back in college, there was a story about a guy hiding underneath cars and slashing the achilees tendon’s of girls, and then raping them. That’s put me on edge for a couple of decades now, so I was very interested in this “situational awareness.”

The core principles of TEK-S are:
Be Aware.
Be Strategic.
Be Safe.

Sounds pretty simple...

The entire course is online, and is super easy to navigate. There was no way for me to watch it in one sitting with my monkeys, so I really liked that every time I logged in the training restarted right where I left off.

The course starts with an evaluation. My result: Satisfactory – so, basically, I’m aware of the need to be safe, but too lazy to do much about it. Check. Sounds about right. I’m liking the accuracy of this test already.

The biggest eval questions that threw me for a loop: Do you always have 4 quarters for a pay phone, and emergency cash in your front pocket? Bazinga. That got me paying attention and taking notes for the entire course.

I won't give away all the secret sauce, but this course is worth the $22...I learned things that are changing the way I'm stepping into and reacting to situations.

I love that this course is not dependent on athletic ability, size, or strength. It’s not about martial arts, or weapons. This course is designed to make anyone a Survival Mama!!

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  1. I also reviewed TEK-S course. I really like your review has a personal flair to it :)

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