Monday, December 13, 2010

Disinfecting Water

Clean Drinking Water Using the Simple Solar Water Disinfection Method

According to a great article in the CS Montior last week, the WHO is recommending this simple method to create clean drinking water for the masses in danger of contracting Cholera. Using the Simple Solar Water Disinfection creates clean viable drinking water within 24 hours with only the initial cost of the bottle. 

The dangers of Cholera are high, and in the event of emergency, water is a critical element to survival. Safe drinking water, that is. There may be gallons and gallons of water within walking distance of your location, but if you can't properly disinfect it, it's useless to you. Bleach and boiling are two options to disinfect drinking water, but what if they're not available, or you're two years into the disaster and you've run out of bleach and fuel? As long as you have the sun for some solar power, you can create a supply of safe drinking water for you and your family.

The Simple Solar Water Disinfection Method recommended by the WHO is exactly that - simple.

1. Wash the bottle
2. Fill the bottle with water, close the lid tight
3. Expose the bottle to sun - ALL DAY - at least 6 hours
4. Drink

Does it get any simpler???

Now as long as TEOTWAWKI doesn't take out the sun, you can drink pond scum from the driveway.


Safety Tips:
If the sky is cloudy, it will take twice as long to disinfect the water to make it safe for drinking.
If you put the bottle over newsprint and can read the letters through the water, it's usable. If not, stick it back in the sun to disinfect the water.
Plastic bottles will break down after 6 months and can no longer be used to properly disinfect drinking water.

You can also check out the SODIS site for more info on disinfecting drinking water using the sun.


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