Thursday, October 14, 2010

What's up with Utah Restaurants?

Dine out for Farms Week still has a few days left. Running from October 10 through the 16th, you can support your local - and nationwide - farms by dining out this week. Hopefully one of your favorite restaurants is on the list...not a single one here in Utah.

Although no Utah restaurants aren't participating in contributing to the American Farmland Trust via this event, they are doing their part to support our local farmers. One of the coolest, organized, dense websites I've ever perused is over at Slow Food Utah. Find everything from Beans to Wine: from planet to plate. I found local pork farmers, and local Root Beer Brewers (which made me smile).

There's also a fantastic "Get Involved" section. I think I'm going to love this little site. Slow Food Utah is part of Slow Food USA....maybe there's a Slow Food wherever you are.


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