Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Is Cholera On Its Way to My House?

The Cholera outbreak in Haiti is concerning me. I did some research and Cholera was nearly non-existent in Haiti before the Hurricane. It is only because of the shortage of clean water Cholera has been able to claim over 300 lives there. It's not a vaccine most people ever think of, because it's simple to prevent. Clean water is the only thing needed. My house boasts an endless supply of clean water.

On a normal, non-disaster day.

Cholera is a simple bacterial infection in the intestine, with a short incubation period and causes victims to suffer from severe dehydration due to diarrhea and vomiting, and eventually death.

In the event of a disaster here at home, the same fate may await.

I have a severe shortage of stored water. Although I've been working my way, if a disaster struck today, I have less than a week of clean water available. Not cool.

I should have 1-2 gallons per person, per day. 

Four people x seven days x two gallons = FIFTY-SIX gallons

I found this cool, fairly inexpensive water storage tank from a company called SureWater. The smaller tank is 275 gallson for $479. Not a bad deal. And 275 gallons is over a month of water (look at me, cracking out all this math - - feel free to ignore any mistakes)

While I'm working on saving up the $500 to snag one of these...I'm going this route:

This Survival Mama has some fantastic ideas about vacuum-sealing water in two cup portions and freezing the bags. She double seals them and sticks them in the deep freeze. Brilliant. To meet the fifty-six gallon requirement for a week of clean water, I'll need 448 bags. Um....wow.

Maybe I can meet somewhere in the middle. Either way, time to get going.


  1. WOWZA!

    Okay..now you have my paranoia flaring up!

  2. Wow this is scary. Glad that you are coming up backup plan. I am a new follower thanks for following me.

  3. I grab a gallon or 2 every time I am at Walmart. I would hit 275 gallons before I hit $275... But having some rain barrels I can collect and potentially use for garden or wash is something I am considering. Also have those straws that allow you to drink out of a mud puddle and be ok....

    Cholera would be an awful way to go...

  4. You know, I hadn't thought about the necessity of making sure you have clean water stored up just in case... :)

    Thanks for stopping by my blog - it's nice to 'meet' you! I'm now following you, too! :)

  5. Thanks for the great info!

    Thanks for the follow from last weeks bloghop. I was out of town and just now getting all caught up. I am your newest follower! :)


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