Monday, October 4, 2010

Navigation without an iphone

Survival Navigation - Survival Mama Style

I am a terrible navigator. Anyone who's had the pleasure of my butt in the passenger seat might even have a stronger word.

Living in Utah, I have the luxury of large mountains to aid my navigation. And, after about 12 years, I finally-kind-of-most-of-the-time know my way around.

This week, in Kentucky, I realized just how much I rely on those mountains, and my GPS, and my smart-phone apps on the Droid. I'm also a die-hard google maps and mapquest user, leaving the atlas downstairs somewhere, in some box, covered in dust.

How would I navigate without all the amazingly helpful technology in my life? What if I'm not in Utah when TSHTF, or at TEOTWAWKI?

Until this week, I've thought about navigation only in terms of SurvivorMan: what I need if I'm stranded in the jungle. As I'm in the jungle rarely, it hasn't been a pressing concern and I've never thought about it for everyday life, and especially not for everyday survival. 

Compass is on my 2010 To Purchase List, but what good would it do me if I didn't know where I needed to go? As A Terrible Navigator, I barely know what's North of me, and if I needed to get to a specific location - say, a town with water or some other life-saving need - not a good position.

I'm adding a couple of atlases to the list. 

Utah Atlas - ($13.57 at Amazon) - This is a comprehensive, easy to read Utah one
United States Atlas - ($13.57 at Amazon today) - I like that this is large scale
North America Atlas - ($10.04 at Amazon today) - I doubt I'll be venturing away from the US, but for ten bucks, this is a good atlas of the US, Canada, and Mexico.
Small notebook world atlas - ($2.95 at Amazon today) - This is small and contains detail enough for a survival world atlas.

Amazon has a 4-for-3 promotion right now, the least expensive item is free, so bonus time to pick these up for my collection.

The Survival Mama...guided.


  1. Even though my mother has lived in the area her entire life, she still manages to get lost almost every single time she makes the 30 minute trek to the "big city." This always results in a frantic, crying phone call to me to, not only figure out how to get where she's going, but to figure out where she IS too!

    This Christmas, we're buying her a GPS.

    New follower!

  2. Thanks for following Three Crazy Munchkins- I'm now following you back!

    I get lost anytime I go somewhere new- it sucks. We don't have any sort of GPS, but our glovebox is filled with maps (which take me forever to figure out...).


  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll definately have to feature your mom's new shop sometime :) You have a beautiful blog! "I use a generator when I camp so I can power my air-conditioner and microwave" -- LOVE IT!

  4. Oh my gosh Lauren and K. I'm so glad it's not just me....maybe I should start saying 'Hi" when I see other lost people. It might be someone I know!

    Jaime and Moonangelnay, thanks for stopping in!


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