Friday, October 15, 2010

The Good Folks at LAFD

This post started with the good folks of Herriman. Yesterday and today, volunteers are reseeding 275 burned acres by hand. I got to be a Mountainside Volunteer to direct all the good people where to toss their seeds. I hadn't been to that side of the mountain, and it was amazing to see what the fire consumed up close and a-lot-too-personal. I'm again amazed at how few homes were burned. The second house from my fire post is still standing, though all their little tiny trees are crispy. But the home stands, thanks again to the amazing efforts from some heroic firemen.

I met some incredible people yesterday, all great residents of Herriman (most members of the LDS Faith) and heard some incredible stories of survival and preparedness. One gentleman (married 42 years to the same Survival Mama) gave me a great resource in the Los Angeles Fire Department. I'm still on the lookout for the trauma kit they're supposed to have on their site, but I did find this Ebook on preparedness. If you don't already have one (boo) go download this one and give it a read.

LAFD Emergency Preparedness

Most of the volunteers I got to meet were part of the evacuation order. It was interesting to hear what they were able to grab. Most of them took their 72 hour kits and external hard drives.

Next steps for me:
CERT Training
Medical Trauma Kit

What's next on your Survival Mama list??


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