Friday, September 3, 2010

Weekend Warrior Survival Practice!

Taking it to the street (road?) for the weekend to put some of this knowledge to practice.

This weekend I'm working on my fire-starting skills. (Last go round was awful, and I even resorted to gasoline!)

Trying out the new Coleman Coffee Maker. Picked it up at Cabela's for $40. It worked on the house stove REALLY well.

Rockstar husband also bought us this little Portable Fire Pit

I think this will come in handy in the mornings when I get up at 5 to write. It's too early for mechanical stuff like fire building. I figure I can light a match, start coffee and fire without to much thought.

What are you up to this holiday weekend?

Survive It.

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  1. Following you back from Buzz on by Thursday! Thanks for joining us! I look forward to your posts!

    Have a great weekend...good luck with the fire! :)

    :) Sara


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