Friday, September 10, 2010

My Garden is Stunted.

After waiting all Summer for my tomatoes to get with the program, my bushes are LOADED.

With GREEN tomatoes.

About once a week one of them turns red, and I race in the house to add this little tiny tomato to dinner. Then I run back out to the garden to see if anything changed while I was away.

GREEN tomatoes.

BUT, there's hope! I can make Green Salsa???

Or I can put them in a box in the garage. And then forget about them until next Spring, when I'll have a moldy box of red tomatoes.

Guess I'll decide on Friday when it freezes. I'm super not ready for Winter yet.

Any other recipes for Green Tomatoes?

The butternut squash, however, nearly a delicacy last night: Cut it in half, scooped the seeds, tossed it in my Pampered Chef square stone, covered it with foil, 350 for an hour. Nearly orgasmic.

I need to figure out what to do with the squash. Do I leave it on the vine until I'm ready for it, or will it go bad? Can I store butternut squash?

Off to google....

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