Monday, September 27, 2010

Fall Garden Tips

Fall Garden Tips:

I don't love the cold, so when it starts getting crisp I prefer to ignore my garden duties, ignorant to accept Winter is on the way. I run out of steam in a big way come Fall. A few years ago the Yard Nazi (aka Rockstar) suspended me from any further veggie garden. (granted it was an overgrown, neglected mess).

I'm trying to comply, and since the monkeys behave when they've been outside running until they flop over from exhaustion, I'm turning my boring Fall Chores into a To Do list while getting some serious outside fun.

The Huffington Post (not my fav), featured this article to start me on my list:

Plant Spring Bulbs - Hmmm...decisions, decisions. Daffodils, tulips, lilies...I'm pretty sure I'm going to go overboard in the store.

Plant Pansies - (this was on THP list...I'm seriously doubting they'll make it through a Utah winter, but willing to give it a shot.)

Plant Seeds

Plant Trees And Shrubs - All the new trees made it through the summer, but I have one Japanese Maple that gets to be replaced. Not sure what I'm putting there yet. I'm still deciding on whether to move the new HoneyLocust. I have a feeling it's going to fistfight with the apple tree at some point....

Clean Up (gag) - I'll do it, but under protest!

Paint Planter Boxes - I cannot believe I just committed to this. Yikes. We'll see.....

Amend The Soil - I think I'll 'till the garden boxes under big time this year.

Mulch It - I think it's time to move all the mulch in the front and put rocks in...

Then I guess it's time to come inside and work on the hundred billion things that waited all summer....

PS - I'm in Kentucky this week volunteering at the 2010 WEG Games....hope the posts won't be too short :)

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