Friday, September 10, 2010

Cansolidator Giveaway!

ModernSurvivalOnline is Giving Away a Cansolidator.

I only have one of Shelf Reliance's Cansolidators and I love it! It's the same version in the giveaway, so go sign up to win.

To enter: If you have a blog – write a post about it. If your a member of a forum – start a thread about it. Have a website? Make an announcement. You just need to write a summary of the contest – stating the name of the contest (ModernSurvivalOnline’s Cansolidator Giveaway), place a link to this site – as well as to Shelf Reliance- ).

Anyone can enter the contest – the only requirement is that you post as stated above and then email the details of your posting to Make sure you include the URL in your email for verification.

Modern Survival Online also features some great Survival Videos - I'm bookmarking them for later so I can do some serious note taking!
Good Luck!!

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