Thursday, August 19, 2010

Surviving Government.

I've hit my breaking point.

This is why I don't watch the news. It pisses me off. I storm around talking to myself. I blog about it.

I've had enough.

This is the straw that broke me.

Three judges in the Appeals court wasted time, money, and effort to decide a public tribute to fallen Utah State Troopers is Too Christian For Utah. 

Are you effing kidding me?

I won't go in to all the reasons Utah is a Christian state.... I'm livid because we're allowing others to decide what can make us happy.

Taking away someone's ability to mourn at a cross because it gives them a little bit of joy in a bullshit knock-us-around-enough world is the beginning of the end.

We have to stop with this Wrong/Right crap.

If someone wants to put a cross up it doesn't mean you have to genuflect, cross yourself or say a prayer every time you pass it. It just makes them happy.

McDonald's arches makes me happy. Is that next?!!

Seriously folks, this has to stop. We have to stop using the courts to strip each other of happiness. We have to stop allowing the government to tell us who's "Wrong." If we keep it up, that only leaves the government as "Right." Is that what you want? I don't.

Until we can coexist on a level that doesn't require one of us to be wrong, we'll never get along. Ever.

You being right doesn't automatically make me wrong. You can be right. I can be right. The guy next door with an upside down cross on his porch can be right. The two guys living together can be right. WE CAN ALL BE RIGHT. Stop fighting over being right. Waste your energy on something else!!!!!!

And stop pissing me off.

The last thing anyone wants is a cranky Survival Mama.

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