Thursday, August 12, 2010

Survival List.

I got a little ribbing this weekend about my camping set-up.

We don't camp green.


Never have, never will. My husband has no idea how to start a fire without gasoline. In fact, he was kicked out of The Boy Scouts because he filled a Visine bottle with gasoline the day they tested him for the firestarter badge. AND he makes a mean fire!!

We camp with generators, we run our air conditioner, I cook with a microwave.

Earlier, I blogged about living off the grid and doing it in style. I'm not interested in living without some serious creature comforts. Most of the men I've encountered during my life are minimalists. They need beer, meat, a tree to pee on.

Mamas are a whole different deal. We prepare. We plan. We make lists. We think of everything. We expect hiccups and come with a contingency plan. We also make communities. We lean on each other. Thank goodness for Mamas.

Which leads me to The Camping List. This is what we pack for camping. We have a Mama, Papa, Toddler and Baby, so this list may not apply to all your campers. Use and abuse this list - make it yours.

Camp on, Mama. (and use the damn microwave!)

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