Thursday, August 26, 2010

It's My Birthday...YOU Get Circus Tickets!!

Since I'm not getting any older :) I thought it would be fun to GIVE a gift this year for my birthday.

Let's give away this last set of CIRCUS TICKETS!!!!
(Check out the CURRENT event ticket GIVEAWAY HERE)

I'm going to make it super easy, because that's how gifts should work. And I'm having a fantastical day!

I'll do one random drawing Wednesday, September 15 for a FOUR-PACK of tickets (and, of course, RED NOSES) for the circus. (I don't think it's a requirement to wear the noses TO the circus, but everyone else is doing it)


1.   Leave a comment on this post about:

a.   The #1 Item on your Survival Mama To-Do Survival List. (making a Survival Mama To-Do Survival List counts, but I'm making a frowny face at you for not having it started)

2.   Link or tweet this post on your facebook, twitter, or blog.

3.  Follow The Survival Mama Blog.

I'll track all the entries, and on the 15th will pick a random winner. 

In the meantime...
Check out these other awesome Mama blogs for more chances to win!! (a few of the contests have ended...but the blogs are still well worth repeated visits)

Bargain Divas
The Savin' Queen
Savvy Sister Shops
My SLC Mommies

You can also go to the Ringling site to buy tickets. Enter the code BLOG for a discount.

Good LUCK! (even though there's no such thing as "luck" in survival)

The Survival Mama


  1. I would love circus tickets so I'm commenting. I think the number one thing you have to do to survive as a parent is have a schedule and a routine. The kids need to know what to expect every day. It makes life easier on them and on the parent. That is my survival hint for the day! :) Now, about those tickets....

  2. Would love the circus tickets. My #1 item on my survival list since school has started back is to get the school stuff organized, and the homework area cleaned!

  3. I follow your blog. I have enjoyed reading many of your posts since I recently ran across your blog. Thanks.


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