Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Harvest Time.

During the summer we don't make it downtown to the amazing Farmer's Market. It's always on my wishlist, but since we camp nearly every Saturday, I've never made it.

Today I learned they've expanded and now have a Harvest Market (slang for "at night").

It's every Tuesday, from 4PM to dusk and the vegetable list is delightful. I plan to have some of these in my garden next year, but for now, I'm excited to go check it out.

Anyone know how to harvest lettuce? It's kicking my trash....

And I could really use some blackberry recipes. Lots and lots and lots.  (PS, you're all getting blackberry jam for Christmas).


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  1. Having lettuce in your garden...means you have a fresh salad every night, lettuce in your sandwiches at lunch and...lucky you the more you pick the more you get!!!
    Ummm...blackberry cobbler sounds good with whipped cream and in individual dishes for those of us who live alone! :)


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