Monday, August 16, 2010

Handyman v. Princess

I'll admit it:
I'm a Card Carrying Princess.

I had my card laminated last year because it was starting to fray at the edges and some of the glitter was wearing off.

My husband is a rock-star handy man. ROCKSTAR. He should have a award....wait, I've just handled his next Father's Day present....

I tend to rely on his expertise when it comes to stuff around the house that requires a tool belt. Oddly enough, when we got married, I came with 6 boxes of tools, 2 air compressors and my own tool belt (that wasn't pink BTW). Somewhere over the last couple years, I've "forgotten" how to use them (unless he's not around).

In Case of Emergency - - would I remember how to jump a car, start a fire, hook up propane?

Because I'm committed to being a SurvivalMama, I'm turning in my Princess Card. There better be a ceremony...I'm just sayin.

And I'm getting a Pink Toolbelt.

Who says Survival has to be Ugly?

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