Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Parlez vous photovoltaics?

A new acronym showed up in my book, PYRAMID SCHEME, this week.



I thought that might be a great opportunity to share some sites and info I've gathered on solar panels (or photovoltaics)

Installing solar panels for your house or cabin doesn't have to be expensive. Right now Harbor Freight (one of my FAVORITE stores) has a great starter set for under $200. (Mamaspeak for $199). Now this teeny little set of solar panels is NOT going to power your fridge -- or even your sewing machine. This little guy is GREAT for a cabin -- fry an egg, run the coffeepot, flush the toilet, power the TV.

The BEST reason to spend your precious savings on this is to learn about solar. How it works, how much you need, where to put it, what you can run. From here you can start making very precise decisions about alternative energy for your big ticket items.

How to install your own SOLAR system.

A couple of fantastic resources and knowledgeable people:

Happy Powering!
Survivor Mama

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