Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is Google Your First Aid?

Successful survival comes from the ability to access our internal Google. Through practice, situations lose their ability to stress us out. As a mama of two boys, I get ample opportunity to use my first aid knowledge, and thankfully it's amounted to a couple boxes of bandaids and one bad burn.

I'm working to stay one step ahead of them, and that means research and keeping a mental and handwritten store of info. Not as fun or easy as googling it....but it's important to be able to access the info whether we have power, or camping in the mountains.

The first aid kit started as a little red freebie...

And has grown into the Big Green Dinosaur...

Make it a fun family-night event:

Here's a list for the kids...

Grab a backpack for each family member and let them build their own first aid kit.

It's not about knowing how to access this stuff on the internet. Practice, practice, practice. Find a podcast for your commute. Your kids will probably love to pretend to be bloody and hurt. You can take a turn too. Gruesome stories abound: a parent is injured and a child emerges as a hero: able to call 911, perform CPR, and safe a life.

Would practice have empowered them further?

No power = No google.

So, until then....go google it....write it down...and practice.


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