Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fantastic Resources for Survival

The Mountain Men have gathered a pretty stunning amount of information, and I want you to have links and info all at one place here, so I'm going to start adding links and reviews of the sites as they're added.

One of the best entertainment sources is:


You'll find both nut-jobs and the knowledgeable on this site. A good majority of my lists have come from this site, and if you can keep from being pulled into the debates, it's a great source of speculation about what we're in for.

I pop in about once a month - - or after some dire news event - - just to read all the backlash on the site. It's very entertaining.

I have several other sites I've stumbled across in the last couple years....stay tuned.

Survivor Mama
....how's your survival list coming?

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