Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Is Google Your First Aid?

Successful survival comes from the ability to access our internal Google. Through practice, situations lose their ability to stress us out. As a mama of two boys, I get ample opportunity to use my first aid knowledge, and thankfully it's amounted to a couple boxes of bandaids and one bad burn.

I'm working to stay one step ahead of them, and that means research and keeping a mental and handwritten store of info. Not as fun or easy as googling it....but it's important to be able to access the info whether we have power, or camping in the mountains.

The first aid kit started as a little red freebie...

And has grown into the Big Green Dinosaur...

Make it a fun family-night event:

Here's a list for the kids...

Grab a backpack for each family member and let them build their own first aid kit.

It's not about knowing how to access this stuff on the internet. Practice, practice, practice. Find a podcast for your commute. Your kids will probably love to pretend to be bloody and hurt. You can take a turn too. Gruesome stories abound: a parent is injured and a child emerges as a hero: able to call 911, perform CPR, and safe a life.

Would practice have empowered them further?

No power = No google.

So, until then....go google it....write it down...and practice.


Parlez vous photovoltaics?

A new acronym showed up in my book, PYRAMID SCHEME, this week.



I thought that might be a great opportunity to share some sites and info I've gathered on solar panels (or photovoltaics)

Installing solar panels for your house or cabin doesn't have to be expensive. Right now Harbor Freight (one of my FAVORITE stores) has a great starter set for under $200. (Mamaspeak for $199). Now this teeny little set of solar panels is NOT going to power your fridge -- or even your sewing machine. This little guy is GREAT for a cabin -- fry an egg, run the coffeepot, flush the toilet, power the TV.

The BEST reason to spend your precious savings on this is to learn about solar. How it works, how much you need, where to put it, what you can run. From here you can start making very precise decisions about alternative energy for your big ticket items.

How to install your own SOLAR system.

A couple of fantastic resources and knowledgeable people:

Happy Powering!
Survivor Mama

When the grocery stores are gone....

Even in the face of smaller hiccups, most people do not have an adequate supply of food in their house. Teeny disasters come up all the time - snow storms, power outages, floods. Disruption in shipping can be affected from all directions.

What would you do if your grocery store wasn't receiving food shipments anymore?
How long would you be able to provide meals for your family?

We'll get to 2012 preparation...but:

What if there was a water shortage for 3 days and water no longer flowed from your faucets?
(Keep a bottle of bleach dedicated to water treatment)
You may not have electricity or gas to boil water.....always have a backup plan!

  • 1 quart bottle 4 drops of bleach
  • 2 liter soda bottle 10 drops of bleach
  • 1 gallon jug 16 drops of bleach (1/8 tsp)
  • 2 gallon cooler 32 drops of bleach (1/4 tsp)
  • 5 gallon bottle 1 teaspoon of bleach
What if there was a transportation strike? Does your grocery store work with local producers, or is it a chain that receives supplies from another state? Are you prepared if the strike lasted for a month? Trucking regulations are changing with the new CSA 2010 and some truckers are not pleased about the changes. Are you aware of what's in the CSA 2010. I didn't even know it existed until today.

A time-tested way to provide for your family is by planting a garden. Even an 26 story apartment has windows and plants don't care where their soil is located. I found this great supply of seeds - which might be great to have on hand for the "Emergency" scenario. Obviously it wouldn't work to feed your family over the next 7 days....but would be a great essential for your food storage.

In the meantime, make a plan for your garden, buy some pots, till some soil, plant some seeds. My neighbor used the square foot gardening method and her garden looks fantastic. My beds are bigger, but she really utilized her space. Next year I'll be planting using the square foot gardening method.

Happy planting!

The Survival Mama
Where do you get your news? Be your own researcher....

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fantastic Resources for Survival

The Mountain Men have gathered a pretty stunning amount of information, and I want you to have links and info all at one place here, so I'm going to start adding links and reviews of the sites as they're added.

One of the best entertainment sources is:

You'll find both nut-jobs and the knowledgeable on this site. A good majority of my lists have come from this site, and if you can keep from being pulled into the debates, it's a great source of speculation about what we're in for.

I pop in about once a month - - or after some dire news event - - just to read all the backlash on the site. It's very entertaining.

I have several other sites I've stumbled across in the last couple years....stay tuned.

Survivor Mama's your survival list coming?

Monday, June 14, 2010

2 1/2 Years to Get Ready. Will it be enough?

My countdown clock says we have just under a week and 2 1/2 years to get ready for 2012. I'm wondering if that's enough time. My ToDo list keeps growing with every new bit of research. I'm finding a lot of suggestions from Mountain Men and Men in Arms.

I think it's time to bring a softer approach to survival. After all, mamas are responsible for the entire population....and who better to fix an ouchie than a mama.

Women were made to nurture, confide, collaborate and love. We'll never survive whatever's coming in 2012 without those qualities as the energy behind everything we do.

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